Travel Collected is not really a "travel blog". There are quite a few of those already. Instead, this website collects other people's videos or blogs. We put them in one place, write about them, review or summarize them and link back to the source. Mostly we only include the good stuff (though if you think something was missed, let us know). Travel Collected favours content that is well produced and informative; ideally a bit unique or original.

Hopefully Travel Collected will become a useful resource for planning future trips. Or remembering past ones. 

The idea for Travel Collected came when planning a trip ourselves. There is so much internet travel material out there - especially videos. Some incredibly good, others quite bad. Sure, we can all use Google. But to find the good material takes a lot of time. You have to really work to get past the sponsored content, booking aggregators and the random flotsam and jetsam of cyberspace. 

So, for Travel Collected we have started selecting interesting destinations and seeking out the best videos, photos and writing about them. While we're not full time travellers, we have been to a lot of places over the years. Mostly we write about places we've been, although sometimes we might cover specific activities in incredible locations because they seem interesting, even if we haven't actually been there. For example Mountain biking in Mongolia (maybe one day we will!)

Sometimes Travel Collected includes practical information about transport or accommodation, but not always. There are plenty of other large sites with that info. We always link to the original creators blog post, youtube channel or whatever.  We encourage you to start following the ones you like.

Even though this is mostly a collection of others work, Travel Collected does create some of it's own visual content. You can find it among the photos on this site, or on the Travel Collected Youtube channel. You can also find a more personal travel blog over here at sendapostcardetc.com.

If you think we've missed something good, or you just want drop us a line message travelcollected at g mail dot com.

Ben Howe & Travel Collected